Study Days

For many years the Yakult Science Team have organised a one-day national conference for healthcare professionals, students, and researchers exploring the latest research into the various aspect of the gut microbiota and probiotics.  The event hosts a variety of experts who share their research from their respective fields. 

Study day

Yakult Study Day 2023

We are excited to announce that we have joined up with MyNutriWeb, to develop a full day symposium featuring a variety of experts to help you get to grips with the latest research on the gut microbiota! This collaboration builds upon the success of previous conferences organised by the Yakult Science Team. This session has been designed for all professionals with an interest in the gut microbiome – in particular, dietitians, nutritionists, GPs, tutors and students & will underpin what this means for professional practice⁣.


The importance of ‘good gut health’ has exploded in the national media in recent years, but with so much information out there it can be hard for health professionals (let alone their patients & clients) to make sense of it all.


Presentations will cover:⁣

- gut microbiota & personalised nutrition⁣

- menopause & the gut microbiome⁣

- the gut-brain axis & exploring the link between food & mood/stress/anxiety⁣

- the science of probiotics⁣

- the gut-skin axis⁣

- advances in the science of the gut microbiome⁣

- practical take-home advice to make sense of the current research base⁣

This event will also include an award ceremony & optional virtual networking session. ⁣

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