Yakult Study Day 2019

Latest Insights into the Gut Microbiota & Health: From Research to Practice

Yakult's Study Day for Healthcare Professionals was held on 25th June 2019 at the Wellcome Collection, London. 

The day focused on the development and roles of the gut microbiota, approaches to modulating the gut microbiota -for specific conditions, and getting insights into practical approaches and the challenges faced when implementing the research at a population level.


• An introduction to the main principles of the gut microbiota; what it is, what it does and what affects it Dr Eirini Dimidi

• The role of the microbiota in immune system development Dr Caroline Childs

• The role of neurodevelopment and neurodegenerative disease Dr Siobhain O'Mahony

• The impact of dietary components on gut bacteria and substrate metabolism Dr Karen Scott

• Dietary modulation of the microbiota and cancer treatment outcomes Dr James Kinross

• Probiotics and liver disease: human intervention findings Dr Jane Macnaughtan

• The potential for faecal microbiota transplants in the management of intestinal disease Dr James McIlroy

• Safety considerations when modulating the microbiota with probiotics in clinical practice Professor Kevin Whelan

• Challenges faced by athletes: is there scope for taking microbiota research to a new league? Michael Naylor

• Getting the public engaged in the microbial world: insights from the Good Germs, Bad Germs project Dr Jamie Lorimer


Presentations from the Study Day are now available to view: