Yakult Study Day 2019

Latest Insights into the Gut Microbiota & Health: From Research to Practice

The gut microbiota continues to grow in popularity, both within the scientific community and among the general public.  The aim of this one-day study day is to provide healthcare professionals with an update on the latest research on the gut microbiota, and its involvement in our health.

In particular, the day will focus on the development and roles of the gut microbiota, approaches to modulating the gut microbiota -for specific conditions, and get insights into practical approaches and the challenges faced when implementing the research at population level.

The day will begin with a satellite symposium ‘An introduction to the main principles of the gut microbiota’, where fundamental questions including; what is the gut microbiota, what does it do, and what affects it will be answered.  The satellite symposium is designed to provide those who feel they don’t have a sufficient understanding of the gut microbiota with some background information ahead of the rest of the presentations.


Event Information

When: Tuesday 25th June 2019, 8:30am - 4:30pm

Where: Wellcome Collection, London (how to get there)



Early Bird*: £65 (£25** for students)

Standard: £80 (£50** for students)

*Early Bird rate is available until Sunday 31st March 2019

**A University confirmation of registration letter must be sent to science@yakult.co.uk


CPD accreditation applied for.