Yakult Study Day 2014

Current Insights into the Gut Microbiota and its Influence on Health

Yakult's Study Day for Healthcare Professionals was held on 1st October 2014 at the Royal College of Physicians in London.  

The day focused on the latest nutrition and probiotic research and included presentations from various experts in the field.


• Gut Health Matters: a GP's perspective Dr John O'Malley

• Can probiotics help with IBS-type gut problems? Yvonne McKenzie RD

• Chronic liver disease and the gut microbiota: is there potential for intervention? Dr Nathan Davies

• Gut microbiota modulation in IBD (faecal transplantation & probiotics) Dr Ailsa Hart

• Self-management; how to help people help themselves better Dr Nick Read

• Making sense of the gut microbiota: insights from new methodologies Dr Julian Marchesi

• Community living or residential care? The impact on the health, diet & gut microbiota of older people Professor Paul O'Toole

• Impact of age-related changes in the gut immunity Professor Parveen Yaqoob

• Safety considerations for probiotic use in patient populations Professor Kevin Whelan

• Spinal cord injury patients: nutritional considerations Dr Samford Wong


Presentations from the Study Day can be viewed below.