b'THE ATHLETE GUT MICROBIOTA: PRACTICAL NUTRITION STRATEGIES TO SUPPORT THE ATHLETES GUT AND IMMUNE HEALTHJUNE 2022Athletes require precise and personalised nutrition strategies to achieve peak performance. Together with training, these nutrition strategies facilitate the physical, physiological and metabolic adaptations that underpin enhanced athletic ability. In recent years, researchers have begun to explore how training and nutrition can influence the athletes microbiota and vice versa.THE HUMAN GUT MICROBIOTAThe human gut microbiota is a community of microorganismsWhile there is no consensus as to what constitutes a healthy that populate the gastrointestinal tract (GIT). Everymicrobiota, it is generally considered that the microbiota individual hosts a unique, rich, and diverse ecosystemis optimal when it is diverse, resilient and stable 3 . Studies that is comprised of trillions of bacteria, including athave shown that these characteristics are associated with least 160 different species 1 . Our relationship with the guthealthy long-living people and the absence of certain gut-microbiota is symbiotic; we provide an environment formicrobiota associated diseases. Many factors, including age, the microorganisms to live and nutrients for them to feedmedication, stress and the environment, as well as diet and on. In return, they participate in several functions thatexercise, can affect the function and composition of the gut are important for human health, such as nutrient uptake,microbiota. fermentation of non-digestible dietary fibres, vitamin synthesis and prevention of colonisation by pathogenic microorganisms 2 .1'