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UK Yakult Symposia & Study Days

Yakult UK healthcare professional study day 20 October 2016

Latest insights into Nutrition and Probiotic research

20th October 2016. BMA House, London.

Yakult’s Study Day for Healthcare Professionals was held on the 20th October 2016 at the British Medical Association House, London.

The day focused on the latest nutrition and probiotic research and included presentations from various experts in the field.

The presentations are available to view here.

The importance of nutrition education for healthcare professionals
- Professor Sumantra Ray (Medical Research Council & Need for Nutrition Education/Innovation Programme, Cambridge, UK)

Probiotic recommendations for patients in the community
- Dr Gill Jenkins (GP, Whiteladies Health Centre, Bristol, UK)

Metabolic disease, the influence of the gut microbiota and the potential of probiotics
- Dr Carl Hulston (Loughborough University, UK)

Brain-gut-microbiota axis as a therapeutic target
- Professor Ted Dinan (University College Cork, Ireland)

The low FODMAP diet: an explanation and an update
- Dr Miranda Lomer (King’s College London, UK)

Ulcerative colitis: an update on microbial modulation strategies
- Dr Ailsa Hart (St Mark’s Hospital, Harrow, UK)

Diverticulitis: an update on probiotic research
- Dr John Nichols & Dr Barbara Engel (University of Surrey, UK)

The gut microbiota in later life: an update on probiotic research in older people
- Professor Paul O’Toole (University College Cork, Ireland)

The antimicrobial resistance time bomb: could probiotics help?
- Professor Mark Fielder (Kingston University London, UK)


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