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Yakult is a science based company with a long and rich heritage of research. This section gives more information about the company's scientific work and achievements.


A probiotic should have research that gives insight into the mechanisms of activity behind any observed effects, human studies that demonstrate survival of the strain through the gut and positive effects on the colonic microbiota, and studies that demonstrate safety. LcS has such studies.


This section divides LcS research into two categories: (i) infectious diarrhoea and (ii) other infections (e.g. colds, HPV, etc). Key studies are described, and citation lists provided with links to abstracts and papers.


This section describes LcS research on constipation, irritable bowel syndrome (IBS) and inflammatory bowel disease (IBD).


LcS is one of the most intensely researched probiotic strains with regard to immune modulation. This sections describes investigations conducted at the molecular level as well as human trials.


This section describes key trials in athletes and footballers, that investigated the following areas: reducing risk of colds and improving immune defences; reducing risk of gut discomforts and preventing increases of ammonia during exercise.


There is a very broad range of research with LcS. This sections describes studies relating to liver disease and cancer.

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